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Random Question and Answer TikTok Effect House Template

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Only works with Effect House older version 2.3 or lower

Are you looking to make a random question and answer style effect for TikTok using Effect House beta? This is the place to be.

Here is what this template does:

  1. Tap on screen to start
  2. Question pops up and the timer starts
  3. Once the time is done, the answer pops up. You can't tap on the screen and hold the record button when you are using this template. You need to press and release the record button for the tap to work.The user can tap on the screen to go to next question and answer.

Watch this video for instructions on how to set it up:

To use the template you need these assets:

  1. Question Images
  2. Answers Images
  3. Counter Images
  4. Start Image
  5. Thumbnail Image
  • Question and Answer images should be in the same sequential order. The names don’t matter. Just the sequence
  • Thumbnail Image is used when you are publishing the effect.
  • I used a 5 second counter. Numbers from 5 - 0 (Sequence 5 4 3 2 1 0). You have the ability to increase or decrease the counter It depends on the number of pictures you have in the sequence.
  • Keep in mind that currently, the total effect size can't be more than 5 MB. You can do some compression magic but you might lose quality.
  • Make your images 512 x 512 ( I couldn't really find the official answer but that worked the best for me)


When you purchase the template, you will get all the necessary files to modify the template according to your vision. You are responsible for asset creation. It's super easy to publish the effect once you have all the necessary assets.

You will not get instructions on how to download the Effect House. Please refer to the official site.

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Random Question and Answer TikTok Effect House Template

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