TikTok Randomizer Effect House Template

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Only works with Effect House older version 2.3 or lower

Are you looking to make "Who are you?" "What are you?" or "Which are you" style effect for TikTok using Effect House beta? This is the place to be. Basically, you are cycling through images and showing a random frame.

Here is what this template does:

  1. Either tap on screen or start recording the video
  2. Sequence of images will cycle through for few seconds (you can modify it with the template)
  3. The sequence will then stop at a random image
  • User can tap on the screen to restart the cycle again.

To use the template you need these assets:

  1. Question image - 1
  2. Answers images - how many every you desire
  • Keep in mind that currently, the total effect size can't be more than 5 MB. You can do some compression magic but you might loose quality.
  • Make you images 512 x 512 ( I couldn't really find the official answer but that worked the best for me)
  1. Thumbnail image
  • you need this if you are publishing the effect

All the modifications you can make:

  • Number of seconds it takes to loop and stop at a random image
  • Number of images that you can use in a sequence
  • Effect position on the head


When you purchase the template, you will get all the necessary files to get started to modify the template according to your vision. It's super easy to publish the effect once you have all the necessary assets. You will get a pdf file with instructions on how to open the project, add images, modify the template and publish.

You will not get instructions on how to download the Effect House. Please refer to the official site. https://effecthouse.tiktok.com

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TikTok Randomizer Effect House Template

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