Tiktok Text Styles in Premiere (pro) + Future Updates

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You can now add a rounded background with text in Premiere directly to publish on Tiktok. Save time and post more videos! You need to have the latest Premiere Pro version for this template to work.

> You can add up to 10 lines of text

> You can select align (left, center, right)

> You can pick the standard TikTok colors or whatever you want

> You can pick different fonts*

> If lines are wonky, you can edit each line's width

How to import the file?

1. Open your Essential Graphics window

2. Click on "+" to import the file

3. Drag into your sequence to use the template

>>>Why is there a Center and Center Lite version?

The original morgt files takes up a lot of computer power and makes the template hard to work. So I stripped down the original version to include only the center setting, which is the most used setting of the plugin. Hopefully, this makes it easy to work with the template according to your computer power.

How to speed up Export with TikTok Text Pro Template?

1. Install the extension plugin with ZXP Installer  (inside the folder. See details below)

2. Windows -> Extension ->TikTok Premiere

3. Select filter with text "TikTok Text Pro"

4. "Run extension"

This will create a copy of the sequence and turns the TikTok Style Graphic into an image for faster export. 

How to install ZXP Installer to add the extension?

1. Close Premiere if you have it open.

2. Download and install ZXP Installer from here

3. Drag and drop the file from folder on to ZXP Installer "com.TikTokPremiere.zxp"

4. Click on "install"

If you have any questions or suggestions, email me. 

Future updates: Effects

If you already purchased the non-pro version, look into readme.txt for your discount code. If you are interested in being an affiliate, see this (15% commission). 

* Fonts are as similar to TikTok fonts as possible. They are not the same. Adobe fonts the were used: Proxima Nova Semibold, Source Code Pro Bold, Kinescope, Rift Medium, and Bressay Bold.

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Tiktok Text Styles in Premiere (pro) + Future Updates

5 ratings
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